News: Measure A: Park funding need is as big as all outdoors: Steve Soboroff

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Measure A: Park funding need is as big as all outdoors: Steve Soboroff

Two years ago, this newspaper editorialized that “there are few things that can improve the quality of a neighborhood or a community like parks and open space."

That comment was accurate then, and it’s still accurate today. That’s why it’s so important to pass Measure A, known as the Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks, Open Space, Local Beaches, Rivers, and Water Conservation Protection Measure.

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Who’s to blame for Trump? Media should look in the mirror: Carl M. Cannon

The postmortem on the Donald Trump phenomenon was well under way long before early voting began. Casting their nets too close to shore, the establishment punditry targeted the obvious suspects: cable news outlets who let Trump commandeer their microphones; Hillary Clinton for being a secretive and undynamic candidate; the Republican Party establishment for not doing more to derail Trump at the outset.

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Measure M can thaw L.A. County’s glacial traffic: Guest commentary

Without action, Los Angeles traffic is about to get a lot worse. More productive hours of the day will be wasted on jammed highways. The snail’s pace of delivering goods and services will continue to drive business away. The spirit of even the most optimistic Angeleno will be further crushed with each freeway standstill.

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L.A. County parks can’t wait for new funding: Letters

L.A. County parks can’t wait for new funding

Re “Vote no on Measure A; L.A. County should try again on parks funding" (Endorsement, Oct. 21):

Vote yes on Measure A.

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Measure M would get L.A. County transit up to speed: Zev Yaroslavsky

My L.A. story began as our county’s comprehensive streetcar system was being dismantled. Once I started driving, my story continued with daily interruptions caused by gridlock on our freeways and roads.

Now, however, I am hoping that the voters will write a new and better chapter for our region by voting yes on Measure M, the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan.

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