News: Port truck drivers, gig-economy workers have much in common

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Port truck drivers, gig-economy workers have much in common

In a good year, port truck driver Jose Portillo says he can rake in $80,000 a year.

But the barrel-chested grandfather says he takes home only $25,000 after paying gas, insurance, taxes and rental fees for the big-rig he drives.

Portillo is an independent contractor. He and other truck drivers, bemoaning that they don’t get vacation, overtime or workers’ compensation in case of an accident, have worked with the union to file a complaint against trucking companies, contending that they are really employees.

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California companies get billions in tax breaks

Businesses in California were given state tax breaks worth about $2.67 billion over the past two decades, with more than half the money going to two sectors of the economy – those trading in war and circus.

These tax breaks – denounced as “corporate welfare" or praised as “business incentives" – totaled $889.

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League of Legends, world’s largest competitive video game, is trying to grow up

Riot Games, the company behind video game phenomenon League of Legends, wants to take eSports to the next level, without losing the growing industry’s charm.

The theme of growing up, as a business and a community, came up again and again as the League of Legends World Championship, or Worlds, took over a sold-out Staples Center this weekend.

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Some displaced during Porter Ranch gas leak still waiting for reimbursement

Some residents who were affected by the disastrous natural gas leak at the Aliso Canyon storage facility are still waiting for reimbursements months after temporarily relocating and submitting their expenses to the Southern California Gas Co.

Among them is Paul Hunt, a former Porter Ranch resident who said he is still owed more than $2,500 for meal reimbursements and thousands of dollars more for mileage.

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Massive gas leak ‘changed our whole lives,’ ex-Porter Ranch resident says

Until last fall, Hope Tropper led a healthy and active life with six other family members at their two-story rental home in the upscale community of Porter Ranch.

Soon after methane began spewing from a well at the nearby Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility last October, she and others in the family began having worrisome respiratory problems.

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Tesla Motors plans to sell solar roof tiles for homes, Elon Musk says

Further broadening its reach beyond electric cars, Tesla Motors says it’s going to sell solar roof tiles that are customizable and meant to look like a traditional roof. The energy-generating tiles would be a joint product with SolarCity, although the two companies have yet to complete a proposed merger.

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Here’s why health workers may get new protection from being hit, kicked or groped

Workers in California’s hospitals and doctors’ offices may be less likely to get hit, kicked, bitten or grabbed under workplace standards adopted by a state workplace safety board.

Regulators within the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) approved a rule last Thursday that would require hospitals and other employers of health professionals to develop violence prevention protocols and involve workers in the process.

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Why American and Delta passengers at LAX should arrive earlier for flights

Because of maintenance work, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines passengers flying out of at Los Angeles International Airport through the middle of next week were advised Friday to arrive earlier than usual for their flights.

A total of 11 gates used for Delta and American flights will be closed until noon Wednesday to allow for a taxi lane to be closed and the alley to be repaved, airport officials said.

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