News: The Corbynization of the Democratic Party

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Corbynization of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party’s current festival of re-examination is both necessary and justified. They have just lost to the most unpopular presidential candidate in recent memory. Lockstep media support and a much larger war chest were not enough to save them from losing not only the presidency, but also in state races across the country.

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: James Poulos

If you spend any time on the internet, you are now probably well aware — and well more aware than you’d like to be — that the so-called “alt-right" is having its day in the media sun. Despite near-universal fear and loathing in the media toward its small but vocal band of Nazi-saluting white nationalists, they have managed to attract hugely outsized attention by latching effectively onto the Trump phenomenon.

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President-elect Trump, it’s time to bury hatchet with Rosie O’Donnel: Carl M. Cannon

Dear President-elect Trump:

That was a nice going-away present you gave President Obama, I must say. Until Tuesday, when you told The New York Times that you weren’t interested in prosecuting the Clintons, his White House legal advisers were busily researching the intricacies of the presidential pardoning process.

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‘Hamilton’ vs. Trump: Free-speech duels go on from Broadway to L.A.: Guest commentary

The opening salvo in America’s new battle over free speech was fired Nov. 18 when the cast of “Hamilton: An American Musical" took aim at the Donald Trump administration from the stage of Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theater, prompting outrage from the tweetstormtrooper-in-chief.

The same night, across the continent, a new play about Charlie Chaplin’s struggle against a Nazi diplomat to make his anti-Hitler satire “The Great Dictator" opened at Beverly Hills.

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Trump should face same opposition as Obama: Letters

Trump should face same opposition as Obama

Re “Time to leave vitriol behind, unite as a nation" (Editorial, Nov. 10):

You never seem to surprise with your bias. It’s interesting that the lazy editorial board now believes we should all come together, after listening to one of the most divisive campaigns in history from a man who now says, “Let’s all get along.

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