News: More Americans apply for unemployment, but level still healthy

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

More Americans apply for unemployment, but level still healthy

WASHINGTON – More Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, but claims remained at a low level consistent with a healthy job market.

THE NUMBERS: The Labor Department said Thursday that 244,000 Americans applied for jobless aid last week, up by 6,000 from the previous week. The four-week average, a less volatile measure, fell by 4,000 to 241,000, lowest since July 1973.

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SpaceX makes space station delivery, Russian cache to follow

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – SpaceX made good on a 250-mile-high delivery at the International Space Station on Thursday, after fixing a navigation problem that held up the shipment a day.

Everything went smoothly the second time around as the station astronauts captured the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship as the two craft sailed over Australia.

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Reckless bill to repeal limits on rent-control will make housing crisis worse: Susan Shelley

One of the more depressing tricks employed by people who favor more government control of everything is this: Put government controls on a business, which causes problems, and then use the problems as a justification for more government controls.

It’s like trying to reverse a case of alcohol poisoning with a jug of moonshine.

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Deportation fears can mean big business for immigration consultant scams

Fears over the President Donald Trump’s stance on immigration has sent many undocumented immigrants in search of services to help them legalize their U.S. status.

But many are falling prey to unscrupulous “notarios" or “immigration consultants" who lack the legal expertise to help clients. Using false advertising and fraudulent contracts, they present themselves as being qualified and often ask for hefty up-front fees that can sometimes range as high as $10,000 or more.

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LA County’s manufacturing jobs have been replaced by lower paying work

L.A. County’s manufacturing sector has suffered massive job losses over the last decade, but a new report points to worse news – those positions have been replaced by jobs that pay less than half as much.

That’s the sweep of a new report released Wednesday by the

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Voters must choose who can best address Paramount’s air-quality crisis

PARAMOUNT >> For years, several metal companies released unhealthful emissions into the air of this working-class city. Others operated without permits issued by air-quality watchdogs intended to protect the community’s health.

Who is to blame? That’s the question at the center of the volatile March 7 City Council election in this town of 55,000.

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Metro may change its mind about selling naming rights for trains, stations

After allowing corporations to purchase naming rights to a station or train line, the county’s largest transportation agency is now recommending the policy be scrapped, even if it means losing millions of dollars in revenue.

Since board approval in December, the staff received new information from the Los Angeles County Counsel’s Office saying corporate naming decisions by the Los Angeles County’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) could lead to free speech entanglements, potentially exposing the agency

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More tech, more trouble for automobile owners

DETROIT – Technology glitches including Bluetooth phone pairing and misunderstood voice commands put a dent in car and truck reliability scores in a major survey of automobile owners.

Lexus and Porsche tied for the top spot, leading all brands for dependability in the survey released Wednesday by the consulting firm J.

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